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The Food Services Division of LAUSD

Café LA operates one of the largest School Breakfast Programs and the second largest National School Lunch Program in the United States.  We serve over 530,000 meals each day, which include a healthy breakfast, lunch and supper after school.  Under California's Universal Meals Program, all students can get breakfast and lunch free of charge daily.  Our mission is “Nourishing Children to Achieve Excellence” and Café LA accomplishes this through various meal programs, multiple student-approved menu choices that provide healthy nutrients and energy to support the academic and physical growth of children. 

Nutritional Information and Special Diets

Special Diets are provided to students with a disability or medical condition that limits a major life activity such as breathing or learning; or to students with severe or life-threatening food allergies.

A current LAUSD Special Diet Memo and Form must be completed and signed by Medical Authority. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to school cafeteria.  If the form is not complete, the special diet cannot be processed.  This form must be updated annually.

If you need to discontinue a Special Diet for your child, please complete the Discontinue Special Diet Form.

Unfortunately, LAUSD is unable to accommodate special diets based on personal preferences or religious convictions.

Los Angeles Unified is a CEP District

Los Angeles Unified is a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) district and families do not need to submit a meal application. Under the California Universal Meal Program, students do not pay for meals. If a student requests a second meal, then they are required to pay a la carte prices.

After School Snack Program
Under the National School Lunch Program, snacks can be served to children after their regular school day ends. The afterschool program must be organized, structured, supervised and approved by the district in order to receive snacks from Food Services.

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